May 24, 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

event Published 2022-05-25T20:00:00.515Z

The May 24th Board Meeting Agenda and attachments can be found here: PRPS May 24, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda Package

Eagle Butte High School Presentation

Eagle Butte High School principal Boyd Craven and vice-principals Cathy Hynes and Rocheal Howes provided an update to the board highlighting educational and student initiatives from the past year. In addition to adding several new learning opportunities for students, such as podcasts, tutor time, busking and food fusion classes, the school leadership team has increased opportunities to gather student input through the implementation of TAG surveys. Overall, it was noted that students have transitioned really well from the restrictions of COVID-19 and are involved in many sporting events and activities this spring. It was also shared that this is Eagle Butte High School’s 25th anniversary with an extensive community event planned for June 25th.

FNMI Report

FNMI Coordinator Carol Carlson provided an overview of several FNMI learning initiatives and activities across Prairie Rose Public Schools. It was shared that Prairie Rose has been working closely with community partner Whitebear Creations, a local group who has visited several PRPS schools to provide FNMI learning support which includes sharing history, games and indigenous art projects. Increased FNMI learning has also been integrated into many Prairie Rose Possibility projects. These include the Ralston School Learning for the Land project, where students learn how to use resources found in the local area. This spring, heirloom seeds, native to the land and passed on through generations, are also being added to PRPS greenhouse projects. Prairie Rose Public Schools currently has 122 self-identified FNMI students, representing 2.85% of the student population.

2022-2025 Three-Year Education Plan

Superintendent Reagan Weeks presented the 2022-2025 Three-year Education Plan to the board for review and approval. The plan features three new goals, including Ignite Minds, Kindle Hearts and Forge Futures. These three goals are supported by the six new Core Principles outlined in the plan focused on Connect, Create, Communicate, Care, Contribute and Challenge. Feedback from various stakeholders, including staff, parents, students and community partners, was conducted as part of the plan’s development. The full plan can be found in the Agenda package.

2022-2023 Preliminary Budget

Chief Financial Officer Ryan Boser presented the Preliminary 2022-2023 Budget for approval. Overall, Prairie Rose Public Schools is projecting the following expenses and revenues for the upcoming school year:

Operations and Maintenance6,043,1247,157,173
Board and System Admin2,193,3632,272,705
External Services29,18427,755
Total Budgeted54,147,37555,056,273
Surplus (Deficit) of Revenues over Expenses(908,898)

It was shared that the proposed deficit for the 2022-2023 year of $908,898 will bring PRPS reserves down to 3.97% or $2.187 million. For the first time this upcoming year, K-12 school division operating reserves cannot exceed more than their Board and System Admin expense percentage allowance, which for PRPS is 4.42% of operating expenses (approx. $2.250 million).

  • The board approved the transfer of $300,000 from unrestricted operating reserves to restricted reserves to implement the 2022-2023 Education Plan.
  • The board approved the 2022-2023 Preliminary Budget as presented.

The complete 2022-2023 Preliminary Budget can be found in the Board Agenda package.