June 14, 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

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The June 14th Board Meeting Agenda and attachments can be found here: PRPS June 14, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda Package

Foremost School Presentation

Foremost School principal Corey Steeves made a presentation to the board focused on current and future learning initiatives taking place at the school. In his report, he shared that through student and parent engagement staff heard that there was a desire for more option classes focused on building connections between what students were learning and life skills. As a result, the school added fitness, outdoor education, agriculture, coding, shop and food classes to the school timetable. The Foremost hockey academy was also expanded to add grade 4 - 6 students to the current 7-12 program. In terms of new and growing projects, the school has established a FARM program (Foremost Agriculture Resource Model) which involves the students growing, harvesting and selling the produce they grow. It was shared that a student has been hired as a caretaker and will oversee the garden throughout the summer months, with the goal of opening a student-led farmers market this fall. Another notable addition to the school next fall is a rodeo academy. The school has offered rodeo clinics in the past and plans to expand the program by offering a rodeo and life on the ranch course for the first semester, followed by a rodeo program in conjunction with the high school rodeo season the following spring. The full Foremost School presentation can be found in the June 14th Agenda Package.

Ralston School Growcer’s Modular Farm

Ralston School Principal Stacey Nunweiler and teacher Wade Carrier made a presentation to the board requesting support for establishing a Growcer’s Modular Farm on the school site. The addition of a hydroponic growing farm would help further develop the school’s Prairie Rose Possibility project focused on ‘learning from the land.’ The program focuses on three key learning areas for students which include FNMI learning, sustainable food production and outdoor education. The goal for the school is to apply for grants and establish community partnerships that can assist with funding the vertical hydroponic farm which has the capacity to produce 600 heads of lettuce each week. While still in the planning phase, the school’s goal would be to sell produce to local Ralston residents and community businesses, support other PRPS school food programs and donate 25% of the product to a food scarcity issue. The cost of a single Growcer’s unit is approximately $270,000. The full school presentation and proposal can be found in the June 14th Agenda Package.

Health and Safety Report

Health and Safety Coordinator Derek Beck shared the annual health and safety report for information. Highlights of the report include updates related to staff emergency response training, safety inspections, fire inspections and participation in the AHS ARTSSN illness reporting program. An update regarding injuries reported during the 2021-2022 school year was also provided. In total there were 107 student injuries across 15 schools reported with the most common occurring on the playground. 11 staff also reported injuries this year, primarily related to strains/sprains and slips and falls. It was noted that PRPS WCB rates continue to remain high, as they are based on averages from staff injuries reported over the past three to five years.

Locally Approved Courses

The board of trustees approved the following locally approved courses which are either new, or will be continued for use at all PRPS schools over the next three to five years:

  • Aviation - Structures 25
  • Aviation - Structures 35
  • Aviation Navigation Aids 15 
  • Mental Health Literacy -15 
  • Developing Personal Integrity - 15, 25, 35
  • Competencies in Math (2022) 15
  • Learning Strategies 15
  • Learning Strategies 15
  • Learning Strategies 25
  • Learning Strategies 25
  • Learning Strategies 35
  • Learning Strategies 35
  • Psychology - Abnormal 35